About Reyada Center

About the voluntary reyada center

Reyada Voluntary Center for Capacity Building, Studies and Consultation, a national government registered with a governmental institution in 2012. A center specializing in capacity building and practical work and is concerned with building the capacities of workers and collaborators, making them and their contribution to solving social problems through training programs and workshops packages

Institutional capacity

Training workshops

Training of 185 social researchers and community committees in child law, methods of dealing with children, and rules of behavior.
Training of more than 150 teachers in child law and strengthening the teacher's role in protecting children.
Training a number of community leaders in community counseling, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Organizations training program

Training of more than 100 national organizations in strengthening the role of national organizations in protecting children Training of 30 organizations in psychological support for children and the art of negotiation and report writing Training of 25 organizations in child human rights mechanisms and writing reports Training of 30 organizations on children's rights.

Institutional training courses

Training of 45 police officers on juvenile rights and measures Training of more than 300 base committees in community advice, negotiation and conflict resolution.
Training of a number of educational departments on the methods and approaches of case study and preparation of reports .

Community awareness programs

Targeting more than 50 communities with awareness programs in the field of children's rights, the Sudanese child law, the role of societies and popular components in spreading the culture of child rights, methods of prevention and protection, and dealing with different segments of children, and how to integrate children in special cases and return them to society .